UAC offers a full range of services on document scanning and further digital image processing. We scan documents of all sizes and types, black-and-white or colour, single-sided and double-sided printing, into all possible formats.

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We carry out works on data entry and processing for large and medium sized companies, public organizations and government bodies. Currently, we have already proven history of successful projects on entering data of all types.

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Our comprehensive approach to information processing enables the customers to focus on their main activities, without wasting time searching for contractors for each type of works. Our solutions are based on years of experience. All our projects are customer-tailored.

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Reference Project

Client: chain of fashion stores «COLINS» 

Objective: The organization of collecting questionnaires for loyalty program of the chain and the provision of ready customer base for further processing.

Solution: Ukrainian Archival Company organized a collection of loyalty program customer profiles in all stores of the chain. Due to the large of number of customers and large of number of stores through which we carry out the collection of documents, we could offer a significant reduction in the costs of collection and centralization of profiles.
Organized receiving and verification the completeness of parties questionnaires. Streaming scan and creation a database of images of all originals profiles of the loyalty program.
Data entry at fixed fields by our operators and the creation of an electronic database of personal customer data.
Further storage of paper forms in our archive.

Result: Reduced costs of our client to the collection, processing and subsequent storage profiles loyalty programs. 
Optimization of business processes within the company faster getting finished data for further work, the release of its own staff, improving the quality of data by professional input and create a database.

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“Ukrainian Archive Company has been a partner for SPORTMASTER UKRAINE, LLC in the sphere of loyalty program data processing since 2011. During the cooperation Ukrainian Archive Company approved itself as a reliable business partner, who always performs all the work on the highest quality level within the established deadlines. Working together with Ukrainian Archive Company helped us optimize our internal business processes, shorten time of registration and application processing, create a unified archive, store a great amount of information on their server. We are sure in our long-term and reliable partnership!”



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30.01.2017. По итогам 2016 года Украинская Архивная Компания вышла в лидеры по реализации проектов по обработке Программ Лояльности крупных сетей. Нашими новыми клиентами за 2016 и начало 2017 стали такие крупные сети как сеть 46  магазинов Дома Игрушек, более 50 точек сети супермаркетов «VARUS», сеть супермаркетов «Лоток», мережа аптек «D.S. », сети спортивной одежды«Adidas» и «Reebok», ТЦ «Караван».

Так же УАК реализованы проекты по созданию Электронных архивов предприятий, государственных ведомств, крупных  компаний. На сегодняшний день, на повестке дня стоит задача введения усовершенствованной единой программ мы для формирования массивов электронных архивов.

24 листопада 2016 року. Українська Архівна Компанія стала переможцем  в тендерных торгах реалізації проекту: «Послуги зі створення комп’ютерних архівів за кодом  CPV за ДК  021:2015 72252000-6), а саме  послуги архівування документації управління пайової участі за період 1999 – 2005 роки». Замовник: Департамент економіки та інвестицій виконавчого органу Київської міської ради (Київської міської державної адміністрації).


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