Ukrainian Archive Company will perform a set of works in scanning. We scan the accounting and personnel documents, insurance and loan agreements, certificates, books, periodicals, cards, retailer loyalty questionnaires, drawings, other text and graphical information on paper media.

Scanning is performed on the equipment of leading European manufacturers, which enables to work with stitched, old and large format documents, colour and black-and-white ones, with single-sided and double-sided printing.

Results of our work are the electronic archives, libraries, card indices, collections, catalogs, directories, centralized database.

We provide scanning services in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Donetsk, Odessa, Zaporozhe, Lvov, Lugansk and other regions of Ukraine.

All works are performed with in-house equipment. All types of scanners are available. Among them there are fast document scanners, book scanners, photo scanners, large-size pass-through scanners.

Scanning examples:

  • Application scanning,
  • Form scanning,
  • Insurance certificate scanning,
  • Credit file scanning,
  • Tax invoice scanning,
  • Stitched personal record scanning,
  • Handwriting scanning,
  • Blueprint and technical documentation scanning,
  • Map scanning,
  • Book and magazine scanning


This type of scanning is distinguished by high performance, is performed on special stream scanners and used to scan unstitched documents of the same contrast and size.

We perform all works with Fujitsu and Canon in-house equipment.

The efficiency of our streaming document scanner reaches 40,000 pages per day. All streaming scanning operations may be performed by us, including on the customer's territory.


Text recognition is used to extract data from the digital images of paper documents, create the editable documents, search by the given criteria.

We use the most innovative existing scanning technologies, as well as modern software for conversion of paper-based text into editable text files.


Indexing involves identification of the information and its correlation with a specific document. For example, to facilitate the search of invoices such fields as account number, name of the supplier, the date and amount are indexed.


Book-scanning method is applicable to all stitched documents — books, journals, leaflets. Book scanners allow scanning of stitching opening to 90 degrees, non-contact scanning, enable to avoid image darkening, skewed pages, distortion in the document folding area.


Drawings, design charts and graphs, engineering plans are scanned using planetary scanners. Our equipment enables to scan documents on any materials — drawing paper, tracing paper, cardboard, blue print, those with jams, stains, folds, and other defects — up to A0 format. If necessary, after scanning is completed, the images are vectorized and retouched.


In addition to scanning, UAC will provide an opportunity of remote information storage on its server and ensure remote access to the databases of scanned document.


Moreover, if necessary, we prepare the documents before scanning — extract from the folder, unstitch, remove staples, mark them, unbind. After scanning, we return the documents to the initial state.

Scanned images can be retouched, cut off at the edge, free of visual defects.


At your request, UAC experts can develop solutions for the document management automation. We offer a service on the creation of electronic archives, directories, centralized libraries, as well as implementation of electronic document management system in your company as a whole.


"Ukrainian Archival Company " is the partner of " OSTIN « during the last 4 years. For such a long time the company has established itself as a reliable and stable partner, providing a flexible approach to the needs of the customer, high efficiency and reliability, never derailed the timing of data processing tasks loyalty program. LLC „OSTIN“ recommends „Ukrainian Archival Company“ as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Works are performed qualitatively and on time.»




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30.01.2017. По итогам 2016 года Украинская Архивная Компания вышла в лидеры по реализации проектов по обработке Программ Лояльности крупных сетей. Нашими новыми клиентами за 2016 и начало 2017 стали такие крупные сети как сеть 46  магазинов Дома Игрушек, более 50 точек сети супермаркетов «VARUS», сеть супермаркетов «Лоток», мережа аптек «D.S. », сети спортивной одежды«Adidas» и «Reebok», ТЦ «Караван».

Так же УАК реализованы проекты по созданию Электронных архивов предприятий, государственных ведомств, крупных  компаний. На сегодняшний день, на повестке дня стоит задача введения усовершенствованной единой программ мы для формирования массивов электронных архивов.

24 листопада 2016 року. Українська Архівна Компанія стала переможцем  в тендерных торгах реалізації проекту: «Послуги зі створення комп’ютерних архівів за кодом  CPV за ДК  021:2015 72252000-6), а саме  послуги архівування документації управління пайової участі за період 1999 – 2005 роки». Замовник: Департамент економіки та інвестицій виконавчого органу Київської міської ради (Київської міської державної адміністрації).


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