Ukrainian Archival Company specializes in outsourcing services for companies in the field of digital information processing. We develop and implement customer-tailored projects on creation of digital archives, directories, databases, implementation of electronic document management system.

What the use for your Company of selecting and training the staff, monitoring the quality of works, arranging additional work stations, if UAC experts will perform for you the digitization of information and automation of business processes to a high standard, based on their extensive experience?

We work with different customers and volumes. There are no large and small customers for us. We work with the documents and do our job professionally.


Among our customers, there are a lot of banks, investment and leasing companies, credit unions and other companies operating in the financial sector. For the companies of this group, we will provide such services as scanning of specimen signatures and loan agreements, bank records processing, creating electronic customer card indices, entry of information from the loyalty program forms and questionnaires, creating the centralized electronic archival documents repository, remote data storage on UAC secure server, confidential destruction of the original documents in the customer’s territory or in our own territory.


Now more than ever, the world experiences the trend of global computerization of information flows used by the public sector organizations and government bodies. At the state level, projects on the creation of databases for government and municipal services are implemented, unified repositories of information on citizens, land resources and property are established, reference and information services are created, materials of public museums and libraries are digitized at the state level. UAC has repeatedly won tenders for the implementation of projects of both regional and national scales.

For the public sector companies, we provide the following services: we enter the information in the databases, correct and create the registers and directories, create electronic libraries, scan documents, implement the electronic document management system both in the individual departments of the organization, and in the systems of the distributed units, create electronic archives, etc.


We offer a range of solutions for processing medical and pharmaceutical specific information: creating the electronic case records database, checking the database consistency with the directories, creating electronic file indices, cataloging of documentation, case records, reference books, creating the digital archives of case records, accounting and personnel documentation, implementing the document management system, services on secure data storage on UAC server.


Data conversion to digital format, creation of a centralized database of document flow automation greatly simplifies the insurance company staff work and their interaction with the environment and customers. We have experience of works on scanning and cataloging of insurance certificates and policies, development of electronic reference libraries, questionnaire data entry, creation of electronic information archives, etс.


Ukrainian Archival Company provides a full range of services on legal and lawyer documentation processing. We work with data of the companies ranging from the tax lawyers to companies handling economic and criminal cases. For these companies, we create digital libraries of regulations and standard documents, create archives of agreements and contracts, type handwritten text, enter the information in the database, scan applications, inquiries, complaints, claims, petitions, character reference, court decisions, process correspondence, perform works on the documents cataloging, create databases of clients and counterparties, provide services on the storage of lawyer and legal information, etc.


UAC will perform the comprehensive works on design and engineering organizations’ documentation processing. We enter data on the materials in the directories, create an electronic databases of standard solutions and calculations algorithms, perform works on cataloging of the normative-reference documents, scan and index the graphical information, vectorize scanned drawings and flowcharts, type texts of pre-design study, terms of reference and proposals, implement electronic document management system (tracking versioning and relevance of documents, project deadlines) both in certain departments and in the company as a whole, create the digital archives of design and engineering solutions.


Nowadays, any company, regardless of its size and type of activities, has an urgent task relating to the conversion of large amounts of information on paper media to electronic form.

Ukrainian Archival company specializes in digital information processing. We are ready to professionally perform the works on scanning, indexing, recognition and cataloging of all of your company’s documents, type handwritten text, enter the data from the source documentation into 1C Enterprise software. We process any data arrays in a short period of time — create electronic libraries, catalogs, archives of documents, electronic databases. We automate document management in the companies speeding up their business processes. We work with the documents, and we love what we do!


“Ukrainian Archive Company has been a partner for SPORTMASTER UKRAINE, LLC in the sphere of loyalty program data processing since 2011. During the cooperation Ukrainian Archive Company approved itself as a reliable business partner, who always performs all the work on the highest quality level within the established deadlines. Working together with Ukrainian Archive Company helped us optimize our internal business processes, shorten time of registration and application processing, create a unified archive, store a great amount of information on their server. We are sure in our long-term and reliable partnership!”



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30.01.2017. По итогам 2016 года Украинская Архивная Компания вышла в лидеры по реализации проектов по обработке Программ Лояльности крупных сетей. Нашими новыми клиентами за 2016 и начало 2017 стали такие крупные сети как сеть 46  магазинов Дома Игрушек, более 50 точек сети супермаркетов «VARUS», сеть супермаркетов «Лоток», мережа аптек «D.S. », сети спортивной одежды«Adidas» и «Reebok», ТЦ «Караван».

Так же УАК реализованы проекты по созданию Электронных архивов предприятий, государственных ведомств, крупных  компаний. На сегодняшний день, на повестке дня стоит задача введения усовершенствованной единой программ мы для формирования массивов электронных архивов.

24 листопада 2016 року. Українська Архівна Компанія стала переможцем  в тендерных торгах реалізації проекту: «Послуги зі створення комп’ютерних архівів за кодом  CPV за ДК  021:2015 72252000-6), а саме  послуги архівування документації управління пайової участі за період 1999 – 2005 роки». Замовник: Департамент економіки та інвестицій виконавчого органу Київської міської ради (Київської міської державної адміністрації).


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